Depot Battle Season 1 Wk 1

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Depot Battle Season 1 Wk 1

Here are the 5 contests for our custom Rick & Morty sneaker battle.
Thank you so much for those that participated.
Congrats to GarrettMoon for winning our first ever DepotBattle!!!!
Our Winner for this weeks prize is Nate in choosing next weeks theme which is going to be best 5 Galaxy Custom Sneakers.
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  • Japhia

    Chad can’t colour killed these πŸ”₯ I’d go with his slides on this one!

  • Row

    Chatcant color and next week theme should be based on Japanese tradicion

  • Just1 Shoes

    Honestly coulda had legit 20 person contest for this theme, lol. Love them all – my vote is in!

  • Demetrius Reynolds

    Dope contests can’t wait to see who won

  • Nate

    Nxt weeks theme should be galaxy I recommend my boy sierato he’s a beast with it but I’m curious to see who else can kill a galaxy theme

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