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WINNER! Customs Sneaker of the Week S2W1

To all of you who voted in the DepotBattle for season 2 week 1 give yourselves a round of applause!  You beautiful bast$rds! I really appreciate the love and support that you are giving not only us but the overwhelming support you are giving other customizers.  Please give it up for yourselves.  To all of the customizers that participated ((against their will might I add)To all of you again, MattBCustoms, LacedBy_liv, StarlineCustoms, NikoSwoosh, and CustomsByBB Thank you so much for being receptive to the idea of being on our post) please do not fret about not winning but keep in mind that this just tells you that there are people out there that support the work that you do and we are thankful that our platform can help you realize that. 
This was crazy and not in any way close at all!  LacedBy_Liv with her 90's themed Cartoons Rugrats Custom painted Nike Air Max 90's takes this weeks honors of being the DepotBattle's Season 1 week 1 winner for the best custom sneaker of the week. Shout out to all of her fans out there that voted in on this and made this possible.
Also please give it up to everyone else.  They did amazing jobs with their custom hand painted sneakers.  
With that here is a picture dump of the DepotBattle best custom sneaker of the week S2W1.
I would like to again thank everyone that made season 2 week 1 possible and a reality and please if you have any questions or want to participate in any capacity with us over here at please hit us up!  we will be waiting for you to contact us!


  • Veronica

    I’d love to win anything. All your shoes are so dope. Size 8½

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