Hulk Hand Sneaker Lace Patch

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If you're into any marvel superhero or at least your favorite can be defined as the one and only HULK! you have come to the right place. I am excited to announce the newest products we're making is the sneaker lace patches. These sneaker lace patches interlace with the sneaker you currently have as well as any custom shoe or custom sneaker you may have in your arsenal. With the rising cost of custom sneakers and custom accessories now a days I wanted to create something that wouldn't be a burden on you, the consumer, because, I, like you do not want to spend copious amounts of money and wait forever to get something custom on my feet. This is why I created this new line of sneaker lace patches or sneaker patches to remedy my wallet and gift situation. Rest assured I will be giving this to every adult or child at heart kidult I know one of these because I know they would appreciate it the most! Especially any kids I know because they love things like this that have true meaning because they like what they like! Well In all honesty please take a look at our different styles and enjoy.



-Each order comes with a PAIR (which means 2 hulk hands)

-Please allow 1 week unless otherwise stated for orders to be created.