How to get the best Black Leather Edge for any project!

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How to get the best Black Leather Edge for any project!

If you are or "were" anything like me wondering HOLY F*CK! where can I get the best leather edge paint possible?
After extensive research for countless hours over 5 years, tons of projects and dollar bills spent on actual experimenting we have the best and absolute source for you as far as where to get the best leather edge.

After going to seminars, and different classes for leather work and them teaching us all of the crap ways to make a leather edge I'm telling you I have been nothing but annoyed.  The mere fact that I'm typing this I'm clenching on my teeth because BigT and I have just been smacked with unfortunate project after project until one day after a quick 45 minute seminar we met with the most amazing person! ENRICO! (I'll talk about him in a bit)

He showed us what it was like to have the best possible leather edge.  We watched in awe and disbelief because it was completely unbeknownst that we would form such a great relationship with this company to say the least!

Truthfully we went into this last seminar skeptical because of after all of the classes we attended to get the best possible leather edge possible we were met with complaints from customers that "the paint job was coming off", "something like wax would peel off."  I'm sure you've seen plenty of youtube tutorials on how to get the best leather edge and they had to dremel everything, burn it down, mold the edge, then wax it down, paint it with that thing that looks like a tree from that Lorax movie and literally create a pain in my A$$ for more than extra hours worth of work to get something decent looking that was inevitably going to come out looking like Sh*t after about a year.

INSANE RIGHT! Trust me after about 4 years of painstaking work and ridiculous head aches we found the solution for everyone and every leather project you may have!


In fact I think since I would never make a post like this as well as a video to go along with it...I feel obliged to say that I don't think I have a picture of what our first generation watchbands even look like, But what I do remember is the cringe just thinking about them and how I feel terrible that people purchased them and they liked them.

As an artist/designer or whatever I am I honestly think that all of my work is borderline trash but I perfect the trash to make it appeasable to our customers, clients, friends and family.

I have given out samples and tested these paints to every single measure especially after the 2.0 version after using Giardini Leather Edge Paints.

Lets double back a bit.

During the seminar "Enrico" schooled us on how to achieve the best leather edge job.  He explained to us that he works with all of the big companies like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc...I believe him especially after seeing what his product does, looks like, feels, and reacts when applied to leather.

During our 45 minute tutorial I will add that it was completely insane that this is exactly what we've been looking for since we started our endeavor of creating luxury leather goods.  I imagine that Enrico and Giardini came from the heavens above after all of the sh*t sandwiches we eaten from our past projects and blessed us with his magical leather edge paint.

I cannot stress enough that I'm not promoting them just because I want to get paid...I want your projects to come out looking like your sunday best.  I want you to show me what you made before and what they look like after using Giardini.

We same a Gentlemen that is a direct competitor of ours at a trade show in NY recently and he wanted us to see his work...He did an amazing job but he was still using the archaic ways of using a dremel, wax, heat mold and paint process and I said and I quote "Bro! this is awesome work but please look into this company look at ours." The pain in his eyes when we said that we also did the same process and found a better way and he goes where can I find this!? I told him that it would be silly to spend all of the hours spent on just 1 watchband and imagine doing a purse and cutting down the leather edge treatment time to totaling about 20 minutes if that after giving it two coats of Dense edge Basecoat and 1 or 2 coats of Black or any color dense edge paint that Giardini offers.

It's an actual NO BRAINER!

We have plenty of videos as well as colors to choose from when it comes to Giardini Leather Edge Paints.

But for now I do not want to overload you with every single video we created so I'm going to leave you with this.  No horn tooting but this self rounding leather edge is the best and unlike all of the other watery leather edge paints this is the absolute best.  If you don't believe me please check the video and skip to the end or look at any of our product photography on our site like our LV band.

Thanks again guys and thanks for reading this epic rant on how to get the best leather edge paint for 2019!

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