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So our last day was absolutely amazing! We want to send a huge shout out to ALLTHINGSHYPE for the opportunity to allow us to share their space with us for this great opportunity.  We will do it again in the future once our orders die down but we have many plans in the works so who knows when that will be. We had a great day in all honesty, I had thai food which is clutch since we were a block away chinatown which was my second highlight topped by the fact that we were in the heart of sneakerville. ...

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Hello Everyone...Dateline Update on Day 2 of our first CustomizerDepot Pop-up Shop! Days 2 went pretty well.  We had sales. People again loved what we were doing.  we received some custom orders as to what people wanted. We are excited that people like us want to express how unique and creative they really can be.  Clearly, the thought of self-identity is strong with our people! Who would think this would be a lucrative job...certainly not our parents for sure. Today I'm going to write about just that.  After working pretty much many jobs available, not finishing my degrees as well...

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Good Morning Folks, As part of the whole brand new attempt at branding myself a pseudoblogger I will be annoying myself to create more posts that are related to what we do. I am currently sitting on a laptop on a desk I bogarted over here in SOHO at our first pop-up shop at 427 Broadway, NY, N.Y.  Why ask when you can just claim it?  Kind of like whatever happened in America circa 1492. I came, I saw, I took that shit kind of life. Foot traffic went pretty well day 1 of 3 in Manhattan.  From working in...

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