Custom LV Vans Sneakers. COP OR DROP!!

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Custom LV Vans Sneakers. COP OR DROP!!

well well well. Here we are again. I get don't like my face or BigT's for that matter but when I tell you I think I'm cuter than that dude...I am.

My life is about constantly digressing from whatever conversation I'm having so lets get started.

We just received a dope pair of Custom Louis Vuitton Vans.  Having removed the Toe Box and Rear Heel Tab and chopping up the fine leather of a Louis Vuitton bag, pants, or even a gosh darn wallet, these sneakers have been revamped...revitalized...repurposed with infinite CLOUT.  The creator, BigACustoms is one of the best in his field. 

Catering to the elite hypebeast, these sneakers do not come cheap.  They are just a multifaceted outlet of clout points.  Its the equivalent of walking outside and having the eyes of Ganesh himself shine the brightest of light upon thouself.

Just remember these are one of a kind.  Made with the care and love a mother would give her child or a craftsman like BigA himself cater to your hypebeast needs.  Check out some of our leather goods that we have in our STORE already and be amazed in jaw dropping awe of the shit we have for you.  I mean why not just be like wtf? or HOTDAMN? or any variation of whatever the fuck you want to say that these are hot af.

Let us know what you think of these though...we are interested (we really aren't but I'm a dick so I'de much rather see the hate this can generate) in what you have to say...Nahmsayin'


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