Illiunaire's abstract art AF1's make major ūüĆäūüĆäūüĆä

Illiunaire's abstract art AF1's make major ūüĆäūüĆäūüĆä

In the immortal words of any human being to ever want some to succeed, the words I think I'm looking for here is "he is absolutely killing it," and in terms of who I'm talking about...¬†I'm talking about @illiunaire. ¬†A highly¬†sought after sneaker artisan with many celebs under his belt (don't take that literally) like eminem, chance the rapper, e40, ÔĽŅkevin gates and many more he has created these unique abstract art custom painted¬†nike¬†air force 1.

In the essence of truth and honesty when I first saw these I glanced at them on instagram for a split second.  When I mean I glanced at them I constantly straight up speed through my timeline and just wait for something to pop out and smack me on the lip.  These totally made me stop because I was like WHAT IN THE F*CK are those! Then after about another 15 seconds of looking at them I realized these were absolute fire.  Don't judge this book by its proverbial cover.  The amount of work that goes into these are absolutely insane.


To an art layman, I would say these would get overlooked rather quickly.  The way that the brush strokes just make sense more than anything.  Between having painting knowledge as well as an art background I would like to reiterate that abstract art isn't easy I would chalk it up to having a certain type of vision and a sheer gift to make these sneakers work.

Please allow me to explain that I think that these sneakers are a beautiful showing of art, patience and overall comprehension how paint works.  The way he uses his signature style of almost applying paint to sneakers makes it look thin and crisp like it was done better than you would get it from Nike themselves.  I wish i had 2 more hands so I could give these sneakers 4 thumbs up.

I also would like to add that he makes me want to better my craft and should inspire you to do the same.  I wish that he would make more similar to this but a man can dream! 

If you would like to reach out to him and try and cop a pair please vist him by clicking this link --> illiunaire

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