Pop-Up Shop DAY 3 UPDATE

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Pop-Up Shop DAY 3 UPDATE

So our last day was absolutely amazing!

We want to send a huge shout out to ALLTHINGSHYPE for the opportunity to allow us to share their space with us for this great opportunity.  We will do it again in the future once our orders die down but we have many plans in the works so who knows when that will be.

We had a great day in all honesty, I had thai food which is clutch since we were a block away chinatown which was my second highlight topped by the fact that we were in the heart of sneakerville.  All of the major stores around us which is major because that's where all of the kids are going on the weekends.

Shoutout to all of the people that came through as well as all of the people that put the word out that we were having our first pop-up shop.  I'm excited that the reception was decent to say the least.  To all of you Tri-Staters that came out to support us and show us love we won't forget you!

We leave it at that as well as the fact that we can't be CustomizerDepot without you all!

You are all the best of the best and don't forget to support your local businesses.  You don't have to spend money to show how you support any customizer; liking, kind words, commenting really show us the type of caliber you are.  I have figured that out once we knew who showed up to visit us.  

Thank you all again for a wonderful weekend we hope to do this again and see you soon!




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