Rate these Camo Nike Air Jordans 1-10

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Rate these Camo Nike Air Jordans 1-10

what would you rate a pair of sneakers that looked as if someone just screamed out "pilot to bombardier"  done by @sab_one you can find that his work does not disappoint in the slightest.

These nike jordan 1's nicknamed P51 Warhawks' are decked out in a silver bombardier plane pattern that makes it really difficult to drop the bombs on them since that's exactly what is being done to us.

If you're looking for a custom sneaker or custom nike diy you won't find it for these particular kicks but you will find these hopefully in my sneaker closet very soon because these sneakers are much fuego.  The artwork far surpasses anything that nike could push out on a regular release pair.  I dare you to find a pair that doesn't show us skill and talent with an airbrush.  In the custom sneaker realm I fear that these would be highly difficult to reproduce.

He is an angelusdirect sponsored artist and for obvious good reason.  So don't forget to click the ANGELUS link to get your own paints to start your projects ASAP!

Don't forget to comment below what you would rate these and what you would want to see come from the hands of @sab_one.

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