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Rick and Morty Custom Painted Phone Cases Tutorial

Well, In the event of any minor confusion we did some really shwifty things to this Blank phone case.

Rick and Morty would be proud I would like to think.

So...To get this tutorial project done there are a couple of things we're going to need to let's get into the ingredients before I tell you that aside from getting all of the tools necessary your number 1 priority to do this particular rick and morty art project is to have all of the fun you can have possible!

I imagine this is fun for the whole me because my niece was looking over my shoulder the entire time waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Tools and Ingredients (where to get them)

1 - DIY Blank Phone Case

2 - Angelus Paints

3 - Acrylic Resin Kit

4 - Blow Torch with Butane

5 - Heat Gun

6 - Acetone

7 - Q-Tips or cotton balls preferably q-tips

8 - a paintbrush or something similar to mix Resin and Hardener

9 - small cups - you can find at .99 cent stores.



1 - Let get into the actual steps here. In the event that you wanted to recreate something like this I would suggest getting a custom stencil made for your project and pick out a colorway.

2 - Once you purchase a DIY phone case kit then what you'll have to do is is take the plastic wrapping off and then peel the plastic covering off of the phone case itself to expose the double sided glue that comes included with the phone case with a heat gun and by rubbing it off in 3 sections or as many as you would like.

To best achieve this heat for about 5-8 seconds then peel with your thumb from the bottom or top to the opposite side.

3 - One the Glue is removed then you prepare the paints and have them ready to drip onto the indented area of the phone case.

4 - DRIP the angelus leather paint in whatever fashion you would like.  It does not have to be calculated as you will be mixing it in a fun fashion. repeat with as many paints you would like to use making sure that you do not put too much paint of each so that it does not over flow off the sides of the phone case.

5 - Once you mix all of the paints and if you see any bubbles use the blow torch on the paint for no more than a second in a condensed area.  Move quickly, do not stay in the same area and allow paint to dry for about 3-6 hours depending on the temperature and conditions of the area you are working in.

6 - Once the paint is dry you will want to use something sharp like a craft blade or tweezer to scrape the excess paint that crept over the lip of the phone case that should not be painted.  Scrape off as much excess as you can going around the phone case and then with a q-tip and some acetone place on the walls to remove any excess paint or smudges left from scraping away the paint.

7 - Leaving the phone case aside, we are going to mix the resin kit which is comprised of a resin and hardener which both would be included in the kit.  Get a small cup or cups depending on the quantity you will be doing and then make sure you mix a 1 to 1 ration of hardener to resin as anything else will ruin the batch of resin and not harden and create a sticky mess.

8 - Pour in particular areas making sure you grab the phone and move it on a 180 degree plane and moving the resin across the artwork hitting all of the walls to protect the artwork and making this a timeless phone case.

9 - After pouring the resin in the well of the phone case leave on a level surface to dry for 6-18 hours depending on the temperature and the conditions of the area you will be leaving the phone case in.

10 - Last step is to enjoy your phone case and throw it around...its almost bulletproof at this point.  The resin once hardened is one of the toughest materials we could work with over here at the customizerdepot studios.

We always have fun doing what we do. Its a great project for kids as well as adults to try at home with loved ones. We truly appreciate all the time you guys took to work on any projects with us even if you were just browsing or window shopping!

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