Vegeta Nike Off-White Jordan 1 Custom Sneakers

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Vegeta Nike Off-White Jordan 1 Custom Sneakers


If ever there would be a custom sneaker release for the greatest flip flop villain turned protagonist turned bad guy turned protagonist every episode it would be Vegeta from dragon ball z.

He is honestly my favorite character of any cartoon I've ever watched only because he's an as$hole with a heart a gold, like me.  Today, CustomizerDepot collaborated @Stompinggroundcustoms to bring you a tutorial on how to make his Vegeta Nike x Off-White Jordan 1's.

The Vegeta Off-White Jordan 1's have a resembling color to Prince Vegeta himself making this a unique colorway for Le' Prince.  The second strongest.

At this rate we can count on multiple hands how many killer sneakers @stompinggroundcustoms has made year to date and each bringing him more and more fame.  The most recent being the deadpool jordan 1's he did which were pretty cool.

His way of cartoonistic painting makes every sneaker he touches gold.

I admire bud in many ways.  I've also expressed this to him personally because he is a role model to many including myself.  He is one of the people that define persistence because he kept grinding day in and day out.  

You can't talk about bud without talking about his struggle.  He worked at a museum in manhattan looking at art and admiring it, now he makes it and people pay him good money so he then quit his job there due to his increase in orders.

I will say that getting to that level didn't take 1 or 2 months.  Him and BigT(the other guy that owns this site) started at around the same time about 6-7 years the timeline is unclear but it was like star a galaxy far away a long time ago.  They started and kept it going towards their dreams.  BigT is here and @Stompinggroundcustoms are where they are not because they got lucky, but because they kept working hard and consistently doing their job.

@Stompinggroundcustoms like many other customizers have a passion for doing their art and today I thank him for inspiring others to chase their dreams and to his testament as well as ours do not quit doing what you love...just don't love crack or cocaine. you degenerates. 

Don't forget to check out this video to see how he got these sneakers done.

Also, don't forget to check out LeatherCareSupply for all your customizing needs, we go to them for everything that we need so if you need anything go to them!