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   Ever ask yourself `how do those guys customize sneakers` well here`s your chance to find out.  We love customizing as well as seeing other customizer`s do their thing.   Working with sneakers is one of our favorite things to do.So if you've ever wanted to make your own here is a tutorial on how to do it all by your lonesome.We here at the CustomizerDepot studio teach you  how to prep your sneaker painting area, how to place a stencil on a sneaker as well as how to paint a sneaker.We take a regular white pair of nike air force...

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  If ever there would be a custom sneaker release for the greatest flip flop villain turned protagonist turned bad guy turned protagonist every episode it would be Vegeta from dragon ball z. He is honestly my favorite character of any cartoon I've ever watched only because he's an as$hole with a heart a gold, like me.  Today, CustomizerDepot collaborated @Stompinggroundcustoms to bring you a tutorial on how to make his Vegeta Nike x Off-White Jordan 1's. The Vegeta Off-White Jordan 1's have a resembling color to Prince Vegeta himself making this a unique colorway for Le' Prince.  The second strongest. At...

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